Cold liquor tanks are also called as buffer tank. It contains cold water which helps in cooling the bitter wort to a fermentable temperature range after it gets boiled this done by wort cooler. Cold liquor tank is simple but can jacketed glycol tanks with cooling coil immersed in water. Based on the brewing frequency cooling capacity and beer styles can help to maintain the volume and cooling method.

liquor tank

How do cold liquor tank appears:

It has two layers. As per the customer requirements the modification can be done. The layer if filled with heat insulation material. Inner part of the layer is been polished, the outer layer adopts mirror board or malt board. Volume of the layer has more capacity. The design can be made with the actual requirement of the client. The upper and lower bottoms are conical. This is highly cylinder in shape. Cold liquor tank adopts jacket for cooling purpose. There is a cleaning ball available on the top. Also have other requirements for the inlet and outlet for whatever necessary. It is mounted with air respirator.

It also consists of stainless equipment which is known to be a perfect icing for the project. It will finally produce a perfect beer crafting environment. Accomplishing two things with our cold liquor tank, first is feeling that the water is safest against beer in the heat exchanger in case of any leaks developed over the heat exchanger plates. By this product the water can be also saved without any wastage. After the boiling of water the cooling process takes place. Again the same process takes places to return the cold water in to hot water. This process is also called as recycling. Energy is saved by avoiding the heating process from cold to hot. Next is we save water by not dumping it from the heat exchanger that is been drained. The process is easily done and beer with high quality and good taste is produced.